Welcome to Kids’ Cup 2019

Join us for the event that brings everyone together to celebrate and support our school!

Friday, April 5th, 2019

5 to 9 PM

Kids’ Cup Café and Fun Fair open at 5 PM

On ice activities begin at 6 PM

The Kids’ Cup is our school’s major fundraiser, and the only one to benefit all grade levels. The money raised enriches our students’ learning and play spaces – library, music, physical education, school yard, and technology resources have all been dramatically improved thanks to Kids’ Cup funds.

Pre-Event Activities

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2017 Kids' Cup Schedule

10 thoughts on “Welcome to Kids’ Cup 2019

  1. Reply René Feb 26,2016 2:26 pm

    Great Website! Good luck on the 2016 edition!

  2. Reply Laurel Hewitt Feb 19,2015 8:44 pm

    I have been involved with Kids’ Cup since the beginning. I am so proud of this fundraiser and the community spirit it fosters. It is the most incredible event and the whole Hewitt family looks forward to it every year. My eldest was a member of the original class and now my littlest ones are already in Grade 4. I know we’ll still be around for years to come….even though we are not a hockey family. Come and experience the best evening of the winter, I promise!

  3. Reply Heather Grapes Feb 16,2015 6:37 pm

    This will be my first time attending Kids’ Cup! Cannot wait 🙂

  4. Reply yara Feb 13,2015 4:35 pm

    Wow kids cup is so much fun

  5. Reply audrey Tanguay Jan 29,2015 4:32 pm

    I love this school and have never been to the kids cup. I hope it is fun

  6. Reply Geneviève Demers Apr 5,2014 9:34 pm

    WOW WOW et WOW !!!!
    Soirée incroyable !
    Bravo et surtout MERCI pour TOUT votre travail.
    J’ai déjà hâte à Kids Cup 2015 🙂

  7. Reply Christie Huff Feb 26,2014 9:56 am

    As a parent, I think the Kids’ Cup is the best fundraiser I have seen at any school I’ve visited. It shows off our school’s great community spirit – the activities leading up to it and the event itself are well organized and fun for students. Great job on the site!

  8. Reply Fernanda Barichello Feb 26,2014 6:52 am

    My kids are now 17 and 20 and we still remember the Kids Cup fondly! We usually try to go even now. The Kids Cup shows off St.Lambert Elementary’s awesomeness! 🙂

  9. Reply Christophe Malaterre Feb 25,2014 9:41 pm

    Go, Kid’s, go! Impressive website. Looking forward to the Cup!

  10. Reply Wendy Maher Feb 25,2014 1:33 pm

    WOW! What a great website. As a parent I am informed and motivated. This is our major fundraiser and I am proud to be a Saint Lambert parent. See you there:)

    Wendy Maher

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