Advertising with The Kids’ Cup

Calling all advertisers and sponsors of Kids’ Cup 2019!

Kids’ Cup 2019: Friday April 5th, 2019 at the Eric Sharp arena in St. Lambert

  • Expected # of attendees: 800-1000
  • page views last year: ~500 on game night and ~3200 for the whole year
  • Letter: Invitation to sponsor Kids Cup English (link to English version) and French (link to French version)

 3 ways to sponsor our event:

  1. Paid advertising – see rates and coverage (program, website, onsite) below.
  2. Gift, gift certificate or food donation.
  3. Charitable donation

Deadline to receive graphic & payment is March 22nd, 2019.

Business Card Size
(2.38"w x 1.43"h)
2/10 wide
(4.83"w x 1.43"h)
2/10 high
(2.38"w x 2.93"h)
1/2 page (4.83"w x 3.67"h)
Full Page
(4.83"w x 7.42"h)
*colour @ $750

**Sponsors offering gifts or gift certificates will be offered black and white advertising in the official program equal to the amount of their donation (minimum $60 – maximum $600). Sponsors offering financial sponsorship of 750$ or more will be offered colour advertising in the official program. Website advertising will be offered to all sponsors.

Next steps to sponsor our event:

  1. Charitable donation? 
    • Please send a cheque payable to South Shore Educational Foundation (re. Kids’ Cup) or submit your payment online. (Select  St. Lambert Elementary School – Kids’ Cup from the drop-down). Please note that anyone receiving advertising space in our program, website or onsite at the event is not eligible for charity receipt. You can submit your payment as a business expense (Point 3).
  2. Advertising?  Donating? Please send an email to with the following information:   
    • Your name/ company name.
    • The amount of your sponsorship and/or the donation (including the value of the donation).
    • The graphic (jpg, png or pdf) for your advertisement (in the appropriate size – see table for details) For large file sizes, please send your file via FTP using this URL: Simply drag the file from your computer onto the page and confirm to start upload. We will receive an email notification.
    • Let us know if you require an official invoice.
  3.  Submit payment
    • For business expenses: Send cheque – payable to St. Lambert Elementary School (re. Kids’ Cup) – 81 Green Ave, St. Lambert, QC, J4P 1S4.