Kids’ Cup Crusaders

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Sign ups will begin as of March 11th 2019
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2017 Team Roster

Name Nickname
Chad Lasheoway  coach
David Flood “Super Dave”
Joseph Ciccarello “Bullet”
Telly Botzas “Mega Blastoid”
Christian Miszczak “iDad”
David Skitt “Snow Crush”
Chris Keays “Monster Man”
Daniel Abou “BOOO!”
Jean-Simon Poirier “SMASH”
Charles Lemelin “Chuck”
Chris Dupuis “Dups”
Laurie Bedard “Taz”
Doug Hardy “McQueen”
Patrick Letour “Elwoofer”
Jonathon Difino “Sharky”
Marcel Belanger “3 kids is hard, Hands of steel, Can I score?”
Christina Smith “The Goon”


If you are playing:

  • Since this is our school’s main fundraiser, we expect all players to have purchased their tickets for the the event.
  • The Team Practice will be held approximately 1 week before the game.
  • Players are asked to please be available to assist during the Skills Competitions the night of the event (dressed and ready by 6 PM).