Kids’ Cup Rally & Free Hot Dog Lunch

The Kids’ Cup Rally

and Free Hot Dog Lunch took place on Tuesday, March 27th, 2018, and was hosted by CBC’s Sonali Karnick and Andrea Stanford.


CBC’s Sonali Karnick

You might ask what’s the Kids’ Cup Rally?! Well it’s when our very excited Saint Lambert Elementary kids get together to show their support for the big event and the CBC crew is there to catch this special moment on Camera!

And of course don’t forget the free Hot Dog Lunch! Please note regular lunch items will NOT be available for sale that day. Please send your child with a lunch if you do not want him/her to partake of the free lunch, which includes: 2 Lesters beef and pork hot dogs, 1 juice and 1 homemade chocolate drop buttoncookie per student. Please send your child with extra snacks for lunch if you feel this will not be enough food. Many thanks to Sharnae Food Services for their help with this event!

Students love Rally Day almost as much as the night of the event! With a visit from CBC, and usually a camera crew, the excitement is palpable. The names of students participating in the skills competitions are announced, and its all topped off by a free hot dog lunch.

Grade 5 Parent

Here are videos from previous years.

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