Kids Cup Souvenir Sales

Souvenirs will be sold during the lunch hours leading up to the date of the Kids’ Cup!

This year, souvenirs will be sold on TBA at lunch hour.

They will be on sale along with other souvenirs during lunch hour on Rally Day (March 27).  If you do not want your child buying souvenirs during these three lunchtime sale dates, please fill out the simple “Opt-Out” form below.  Your child’s name and grade will then be sent to the Kids’ Cup Committee, and added to an alphabetically ordered list of names of students who are not permitted to buy souvenirs. Alternatively, download and fill out the Kids-Cup-Souvenirs-Opt-out-2018 and send it to school.

Opt-Out Form

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My child is NOT PERMITTED to buy souvenirs during lunch at school on TBA.

We would appreciate any explanation you care to give?