The Kids’ Cup … a Teacher’s Reflection

We asked teachers to share their views on what the Kids’ Cup fundraiser does for the school. This reply says it all!

The goods and materials purchased from the money raised over the years have enabled us to do many wonderful things within our institution. It has greatly facilitated teaching in the ever changing world of the competitive 21st century…always evolving. It has allowed our school to provide elements to not only accompany our student population in the awesome quest of preparing them for the future, but also to enhance learning. And that is priceless. The varied tools have ignited creativity, an indispensable ingredient to success in this day and age, for children and adults alike.

But for me the most important key element to this great event, year after year, has been the sense of community that becomes palpable as the weeks leading up to ”the game” unfold. It is the sense of family, the multifaceted community experience that makes it our own. It is a privilege and responsibility to encourage each other towards a common vision, a goal. Energy, dedication, passion, enthusiasm and effort is the undercurrent in this event. We all feel as though we are part of a larger dependable and stable structure…that we are here for each other and that together, all of us, can conquer, can accomplish anything. I love the feeling that members have a sense of belonging, a feeling that members matter to one another and to the group with a shared faith and vision, that our needs can be met. School then becomes not only an institution of learning the 1,2,3s and A,B,C’s but a place where we can help one another grow, to exhort and encourage one another…it becomes the School of Life…safe, comforting and inspiring…again, priceless!

As we all find ourselves at the game that night, we look around at each other and though we do not recognize all faces, the sense of togetherness, of community, the ”us” united and strong, the sense of accomplishment and victory take over…and that perhaps, no not ”perhaps”, certainly is the best education, the best equipment for life. It takes a village to raise a child…We, all of us, are the village!