Kids’ Cup Writing Contest

Last year’s writing contest was such a success, we’d love to hear from our students once again!

The contest is open to all students, and entries may be written in English or in French.

This year’s Writing Contest is a CHALLENGE!

Students in grades 2 to 6: Describe the Kids Cup to friendly aliens from another planet!

Students in Kindergarten or grade 1: Draw a picture of the Kids Cup with friendly aliens participating in the fun!

Bring your instructions or your drawings to the school office (or send them to by Friday, March 1st 2019 to qualify!


Make sure to include the following information:

  • Student’s Name
  • Student’s Grade
  • Teacher’s Name

The winners, chosen from each cycle, will be announced at the Kid’s Cup Rally. There will be small prizes for the winners.

Happy writing and good luck!


Below are some entries from 2017 which appeared in both the Cool School News and the Kids’ Cup program.

Dexter S., Kindergarten


Noah B., Grade 1

Kassandra P.-T., Grade 2


Lilia B., Grade 3

What Kid’s Cup Means to Me

Once a year

We all gather here

The food is great (hot dogs, drinks and chips)

We can all celebrate

I remember my first Kid’s Cup and it was clear

Would come back the next year

Kid’s Cup is a place to get with your family

As we watch the parents play hockey

You see that very rarely

There are other parents who participate

Like: souvenirs and organization

And also the ones who do the other stations

Kid’s Cup is a place that you can play

With your friend as our parents say

It’s time for the day to end

It was so kind to let us stay up late I say

With a smile but in my heart I am so sad

To leave all this fun behind

That’s what Kid’s Cup means to me


Megan L., Grade 6

Kid’s Cup Fun

Come all, come one

Join us for a night of fun.

Join us for the hockey game,

You don’t have to have fame.

The best event of the night,

The Puck toss,

Almost none get it right.

But before all this happens,

It really does depend.

Children go to the mini gym,

Where fun is off the rim.

Jumpy castles are quite amusing,

Enough fun to keep you hooting.

At the end of the night,

Everyone leaves,

With memories of

Kid’s Cup Dreams!!!!!

Hanna A., Grade 6

Kid’s Cup

Kid’s Cup is not about who wins and loses! For me, Kid’s Cup is a night to have fun and to spend time with your friends and family. We all show our school spirit when Kid’s Cup comes around! I have been going to Kid’s Cup for my entire life as I have three older brothers who have all past through Saint Lambert Elementary. I still love cheering for our team and spotting my teachers in the crowd. I cheer until I have no more voice! It’s always so fun and it helps raise money for our school. I can’t wait for Kid’s Cup this year!

Eva G.

A Cheer

Kid’s Cup is the BEST!

Forget about the REST

It’s better than a TEST

So come and be our GUEST!