Puck Toss and 50/50 Draw

50/50 Draw

Buy 1 for 2$ or 3 for 5$ New since 2017.Please buy your 50/50 tickets before the 2nd intermission. The winner will be announced at the Door Prize table during the 3rd period. Last year’s prize was of 113$ and we are hoping for a bigger amount this year.

Puck Toss – Buy 1 for $2 or 3 for $5!

Please buy your pucks in time for the Puck Toss! These specially marked pucks will be available for sale from 5 PM until the end of the 2nd period. The actual tossing of the pucks onto the ice (hence, PUCK TOSS) will take place at the start of the 2nd intermission. Once announced that it’s time, you, along with everyone who has bought a puck, throw your puck(s) onto the ice, attempting to get it closest to one of the 5 face-off circles, located at the 4 corners & the center of the ice surface.

Before throwing your puck be sure to peel off the sticker with your number & keep it safe, as it’s your proof of purchase and the way to claim your prize if you win!

Once all of the pucks are tossed, the winning pucks will be called out by the puck number. If you have the same number on your sticker you win! The winning puck numbers will also be posted on the white board, located near the Door Prize table, in front of the gym.

There are 5 prizes, all good – but the best one is for the puck closest to the center ice face off circle. Good luck!